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nominee Theatre of Dare

Next in our series of posts about new Charitocracy OBX nominees, we have nominee Theatre of Dare, nominated by donor obxlisa. They have served as OBX's community theater since 1991, while also offering scholarships to students pursuing careers in the arts. You can find their web site here.

A few words on Charitocracy

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About nominee Theatre of Dare

Community Theater for The Outer Banks

Theatre of Dare began in 1991 with the help of Ruth Ambrosius and Pat Clayton with the Outer Banks Forum. The first organizational meeting was held in November of that year and along with the Dare County Arts Council "TOD" was born. Actually the original (and mercifully brief) name of Theatre of Dare was the "Players of Truth and Dare"!

Auditions for the first production, California Suite, were held in January 1992 and the show was performed at the Port O'Call restaurant March 19-22, 1992, to great acclaim and gustatory delight. After a few other interesting locations were tried, the Theatre finally settled in the College of the Albemarle (formerly Manteo Middle School) auditorium, which had appropriate seating and a real theatrical stage... until 2017 when the auditorium was closed and torn down. Since then, Theatre of Dare has been a theatre 'on the run', performing in locations such as the Lost Colony Sound Stage, the Dare County Arts Council, Festival Park, and the Elizabethan Gardens. Someday, the Theatre hopes a kind and generous benefactor in need of a healthy tax deduction (T.O.D. is a bona fide 501c3) will donate a reasonably sized building on the beach that can become our permanent home, allowing us to avoid the splinters and arrows of outrageous fortune that accompany the constant moving of sets and sensibilities.

Since these humble beginnings, TOD has performed dozens of major plays and several second stage vignettes. Each season brings more talent and energy to each production and we welcome with mosh pit enthusiasm assistance of every type, from hammer-wielding set builders to shy, undiscovered talent, often discovered after a misplaced hammer blow to the thumb.

So come on in and click away and then contact us to find out how the Theatre of Dare can be fun for you too!

So check out this fun take-off on Rent's "Seasons of Love" from earlier this year where TOD was raising money to move into their new home in Kitty Hawk. Then please visit the page of nominee Theatre of Dare to vote for, like, or discuss this cause!

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