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Comment On: Feline Hope



I nominated Feline Hope because 2 years ago I adopted Neko from them.  He was a feral, kitten at risk for losing his eye.    He is now a very healthy, moody, perfect cat that I adore.

Because of him, I volunteered to help clean the shelter once a week, due to my schedule I just had my last shift a week ago, but plan to be back when life slows down.

Over the summer we fostered 3 kittens and ended up keeping one.  We are happy to say all 3 were successfully adopted.  This past summer there was a high number of kittens in foster care and being placed for adoption.  Feline Hope never says no.

These volunteers work tirelessly finding homes, rescuing injured kittens and cats, trapping, neutering and releasing.  They work throughout this community helping find lost cats, bottle feeding newborns, helping find homes for owners that can no longer keep there cats.

Since 1997 they have taken in over 3,692 cats and kittens and adopted out 3,515 cats and 1,126 kittens.  They have TNR and spay/neuter 3,121 cats.  These figures are since 2013.

This group has a lot of heart, a lot of sweat and tears and also some of the kindest people I have met.   Yes, we can be passionate about the animals but is tough when the animals don’t have a voice and we have to speak for them.  You have to be kind of tough to take on the smell of cleaning 18-20 litter boxes twice a day, but giving love to these cats looking for homes is more than worth it.


Thank you you for your support.  Once I figure out to load photos I will ?

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