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    • Dare Education Foundation logo
      Dare Education Foundation
      They inspire our community to join together in a shared belief that by supporting our schools we are DEFining our future.
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    • 39
    • Surfing For Autism logo
      Surfing for Autism
      They offer those impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder opportunities to experience the therapeutic benefits of surfing.
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    • 38
    • Beach Food Pantry logo
      Beach Food Pantry
      They provide free groceries to individuals and families who have been affected by a temporary crisis or emergency.
    • 4.5
    • 37
    • Cross Roads OBX logo
      Cross Roads OBX
      They are a Christ-centered outreach offering discernment, guidance, & objective planning for those who wish to change their lives.
    • 23
    • 35
    • Food for Thought logo
      Food for Thought
      They reduce hunger and academic risk facing elementary children by providing healthy meals to build strong minds.
    • 5
    • 35
    • Corolla Wild Horse Fund logo
      Corolla Wild Horse Fund
      They protect the herd of wild Mustangs in northernmost Currituck, and help preserve this land as their permanent sanctuary.
    • 2
    • 29
    • Hatteras Island Meals logo
      Hatteras Island Meals
      They provide nutritious meals for lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday to elderly or homebound clients.
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    • 29
Viewing 10 causes - 1 to 10 (of 30 total)